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Setting A Sushi World Record

The journey of San Diego's Top Sushi Masters

as they create 100,000 pieces in 48 hours!

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The Story Behind The Festival

Renowned Sushi Chef Jeff Roberto, owner of Sushi on a Roll, has been at the forefront of the sushi industry in San Diego. After over two decades of mastering the art of sushi, his next crazy goal was to gather his friends in the industry and set the FIRST-EVER World Record for most sushi pieces made in a 48-hour span - 100,000 sushi pieces! History was made to say the least.

2019 Stats:

  • 28,576 Sushi Pieces Made in 24-Hour Span (Setting the Sushi World Record!)

  • 250lbs of Whole Fish Cut & Served (Including: 15lb Bluefin Tuna, 20lb Yellowtail, & 25lb New Zealand Salmon)

  • Event Attended by 240+ Guests

  • 3 Personalized Chef Omakase Experiences for 30+ Guests

  • 1,080lbs of Rice Made & Rolled

  • Specialty Tsukiji Japan Fish Flown-in for Sushi Festival

  • 9lbs of Specialty Japan Beef Flown-in

  • Over 20 Local Industry Chefs Brought Together Over 48-Hour Span

  • All Sushi Pieces Made for Sushi Festival were distributed to Attendees, Staff Members, & Local Supporters

At the 24-hour mark, Sushi Chef Jeff Roberto made the call to set the 24-hour record for Most Sushi Pieces Made in 24 Hours and enjoy the rest of the experience with the guests, chefs, and sushi lovers! The well-being of his colleagues meant more than pushing to the 48-hour mark and instead everyone got to enjoy coming together for delicious sushi next to the gorgeous San Diego waters.

The documented Sushi World Record for Most Sushi Pieces Made in 24-Hours is: 28,576 Pieces

Meet Chef Jeff Roberto

Participating Chefs

Check out the participating chefs - including specialty omakase experiences!



The 48-hour marathon begins! 

October 26, 2019

8 PM


October 27, 2019

2 PM - 10PM

A limited amount of VIP tickets will be available to attend this history-making experience with unlimited all-you-can-eat sushi!


Add to your unique experience with exclusive omakase experiences within the festival.

Varying times


The quest for setting the Most Sushi Pieces Made in 48 Hours concludes at 8PM in an epic countdown!

October 28, 2019 

8 PM

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