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Renowned Sushi Chef Jeff Roberto, owner of Sushi on a Roll, has been at the forefront of the sushi industry in San Diego. After over two decades of mastering the art of sushi, his next crazy goal is to gather his friends in the industry and set the FIRST-EVER World Record for most sushi pieces made in a 48-hour span - 100,000 sushi pieces! Are you ready to be part of history being made?

Featured Chefs

EDD02DFF-3159-4118-9C59-EBBFD2D89E17 - c

Lady Sushi Chef, Sushi On A Roll

chef christine garingo

E2F52B62-284B-4CD1-A1EF-0D43AC7CCFE7 - C

Chef de Cuisine, Galaxy Taco

chef christine rivera

AC60C081-0110-4897-B02E-C7D7E07A9E6C - D

Sushi Chef, Sushi On A Roll

chef david yee

riko_highreso - Riko Bartolome.JPG

Maui Private Chef Services

chef riko bartolome

1CDA000B-23A4-44C6-98EE-C553F76E400A - r

chef raymond choo

Lead Support Crew

7D80FF9D-61E6-4242-AA96-39453F2E4BEA - d

dan vanguardia

Sushi Chef, Sushi On A Roll

E63B1678-808B-43ED-B208-89F9E62676AB - M

chef matias auditor

Lead Support Crew

D5A09C86-BB57-49AB-91D4-7EA000B3C75C - V

chef vaughn vargus

Lead Support Crew

IMG_20190809_113916_448 - Cheryl

chef cheryl cruz

Chef de Cuisine, Jamul Casino

20170117_200447 - Brandon Greenwell.jpg

chef brandon greenwell

Chef & CoFounder, Jetty Sushi

20191016_183823 - Dimitri Hazelton.jpg

chef dimitri hazelton


210DC491-9DAD-4E20-8B6F-B560A016694E - E

chef eric manuel

Firefly Eatery at The Dana

IMG_1223 - Keoni Simmons.jpg

chef keoni simmons

Executive Chef, Jamul Casino

EMAIL SIG - Barry Schneider.jpg

chef barry schneider

Executive Chef, Premier Food Services Del Mar Ractrack & Fairgrounds

20170903_173753 - John Sainz.jpg

chef john sainz

Sushi Chef, Sushi On A Roll

FB_IMG_1572038008210 - Mike Malicdem.jpg

chef michael malicdem

"NS" - Former Sushi Chef of Seau's the Restaurant, King's Seafood Company

Don Williamson, President Chef de Cuisin

chef don williamson

President Board of Directors, Chefs de Cuisine Education Foundation

62BD0AE5-5E88-48BF-A439-1C81F2AD2690 - E

chef edward rodriguez

Sushi Chef

20190911_191426 - Lilia Barcelata.jpg

chef lilia barcelata

Culinary Assistant

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